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We are delighted to be a part of networkchurches.tv.

NetworkChurches.tv is a group of autonomous churches all over the world who share the mission, values, and weekly video teaching from LifeChurch.tv.

So what does it mean to be "a part of networkchurches.tv"?

Imagine the synergy and momentum created as churches worldwide are connected with each other through a common vision... leading people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. There is no greater cause!

Imagine churches becoming non-territorial, gracious, and sharing the ideas and resources we have with each other, so that we can focus on the really important things - reaching lost souls or creating new ministries that reach out to our church family and community members.

That's the heart of networkchurches.tv.  It's a relationship with other churches and pastors that choose to associate through a common vision and common resources.

Those in the Network are connected to LifeChurch.tv by utilizing LifeChurch.tv video or live satellite teaching in our services each week.  We are completely autonomous, no strings attached.  There is no network membership fees or any exchange of money for that matter.  It's all about sharing the teaching and related resources... to further His Kingdom, not ours!